Not Friday?!

I have to say I have such a fun class. (I realize I say this every year...but I totally share my awesomeness with them. It's what good teachers do! We share our awesome!) We use Class Dojo in my class and students can earn one ticket for each point that they earn. Tickets can be thrown into two boxes: 1)We have a grade level drawing on Fridays for students to eat on the stage with a friend, or 2) I have a decorated shoe box for a BIG end of the month drawing. I usually give a book related to something we've studied and some other goodies too. Most of my kids have figured out that they can split the tickets they earn into the two boxes. Well now that we have stinky and disgusting tadpoles for every five points you earn I will punch your tadpole card. If you get fifteen hole punches the tadpoles can stay at your desk while you work! WOW! (Or EW!) Yesterday while we were looking at our monarch caterpillars (They are so cool! Their chrysalises have gold sparkles!) one of my kiddos asked when they could trade in their points for hole punches. I said, "Tomorrow, because it's Friday!" Another kiddo, "Mrs. Tice! No! Tomorrow is WEDNESDAY!"  Another student looks at me and said, "Well THAT'S disappointing!" HAHAHA!

And by the way my response was "You said it bud. I was totally looking forward to my pedicure on Friday!"

I love my class. They are too hilarious! I would love for you to share your stories either here or on my FB page.

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  1. Ha! I love it. My first graders this year are super funny too. Love them. I would love a visit if you have time :)

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  2. I got a pedi yesterday! :) Almost Friday...hang in there! Our butterflies were delivered today! The kids are super excited!