Phonics Dance Workshop

I can barely contain my excitement! The Phonics Dance workshop was A-MAZING and Ginny Dowd is a genius! She is also so fun, lively, excited about what she teaches, and she is hilarious. The whole workshop was so organized and the giantabulous (that's giant+fabulous) spiral you get with the workshop has everything spelled out for you. She even coached us through the first ten days of school. Wow!

My kids were not happy that I was going to be gone today since they had subs during STAAR testing. I told them I had to help the fourth graders and that I would show them some of what I learned. One of my sweet girls said, "Well, if the workshop has the word dance in it then you'll probably love it." *I dance in class. Often. Especially when they do something amazing or one of my struggling students catches onto something they've had a hard time with.....and also, I may or may not do a fashion runway walk to show off new shoes.*

If you EVER get the chance to attend one of the Phonics Dance workshops you MUST go! Find out more information here!


  1. LOL at your fashion runway walk, I do the same thing :0) I am going to relay the Phonics Dance to our first grade team. We currently have NO phonics program for 1st you can imagine, they are struggling to put it nicely. Thanks for the info :0)

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  2. Great tip! Hahahaha your runway walk made me think of that silly song, I'm Too Sexy' by Right Said Fred.


  3. I want to go to this workshop!!!
    And I am pretty sure we have similar teaching styles . . . :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. I have been doing the phonics dance for the last 4 years in my classroom! I love it and have found it is so easy to implement with any other programs your school is using! I have TONS of resources that I have made that go along with the Scott foresman stories as well as a weekly worksheet I use to go along with the hunk and chunk for the week! Please let me know if you want any examples! I love the Phonics dance and bought it myself my first year teaching and will use it forever!