Is there such a thing as "Classroom Brain?"

I know that there is pregnancy brain, but is there CLASSROOM BRAIN? Where your mind is set on only classroom ideas and crafts and ways to organize and so you forget everything else-including buying t.p. at the grocery store?! I'm thinking there is. I've been working so hard the past couple of days making signs for class, laminated alphabet letters, etc. Mid-craft just moments ago I wanted something I had bought at Hobby Lobby before vacation. I searched the WHOLE HOUSE. What the heck?! Finally I searched the car. It was RIGHT THERE! Now y'all- I looked for that bag yesterday in the car. I could swear it wasn't there! I must be losing my mind because of classroom brain!


  1. I've been there:) I could never get to sleep the night before the first day of school because my brain just wouldn't slow down:)

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  2. Yes there is such thing as classroom brain and I have it too! Sounds like the confession of an "aholic" doesn't it? Schoolaholic, teacheraholic????

  3. There sure is because I have it and I have it bad! I have made more trips to the local teacher store than I have to the grocery store this week. And I pretty much stalk my online orders every hour on the hour waiting for them to arrive!! So you are in good company :)

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  4. It is for sure real! I cut out my job cards out and then couldn't find them anywhere! I search my room, went to my neighbors room, and re-searched my room to find them right on my desk! Ahh! I was really losing my mind! So don't worry it's not just you ;)
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  5. If there isn't such thing as classroom brain, then I don't know what excuse I can use for being such a hot mess lately!! I went on a search for 20 minutes yesterday around school for my car keys & returned to my classroom to have them sitting there & staring me in the face. You are definitely not alone!! :)
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  6. I'm right there with you! I went into school today to get a few things accomplished. I grabbed a bag of popsicle sticks out of my closet to bring home for crafting and misplaced them 3 times! I had my boys all settled in their car seats when it was time to leave and had to go back into the school to find them again! We'll get through this! :-) Lauren
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  7. This has got to be a real thing. I call it school brain and my school brain is keeping me up at night. Ugh! :)

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  8. Oh Jennifer, you make me feel so much better! I printed sheets of labels for my students' binders less than a week ago and today I can't find them. Somewhere between the bags and crates I have been carrying back and forth I have hidden them from myself. I will find them. :)

  9. Great blog! I'm your newest follower! I've also nominated you for an award and hope you hop by!

  10. I so agree with the idea of classroom brain! It explains so much of my life right now. We are still a week off from Open House but classroom brain is in full effect. I'm not going in tomorrow after doing three long days and I feel like I'm going through withdrawal already.

    Good luck recovering! Let me know if you find a cure :)