Meet the Teacher

Hey all! I'm so excited to be participating in TBA's Open House Week!

Monday is Meet the Teacher Day so we can share a little about ourselves and our teaching style.

This is the fourth year I am teaching fourth grade and I absolutely love it! I've taught third grade and fourth grade as well. I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl in Mrs. Williams third grade class. She was amazing and funny and I couldn't wait to get to school every morning. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I'm a little obsessive about the way my classroom looks and how items are placed on bulletin boards and even how items that are laminated are cut out! My husband jokes that I'm passing this onto my first graders. Several times last year my kids would say, "You did your best work. It's ok if it's not perfect Mrs. Tice!"

My teaching style:
I'll be honest I'm pretty strict. The rules and expectations that are put into place on Day 1 are the same on Day 101. That being said I'm also fun and silly. I try to use humor in my classroom as much as I can. I wear princess crowns, aprons, wave magic wands, sing into a wooden spoon, and any number of other things. The kids love it!

In my room we talk about being problem solvers and being flexible. I tell my students "Even teachers make mistakes." They love knowing that even though I try my best I sometimes make mistakes.

 I love reading and I try to show my students how passionate I am about reading. When we talk about what we've done over the weekend I gush about buying a new book or finding a new author that I like. Some classes have pajama day, but we have read-a-thon days. Kids bring in books and we all lounge around the room sharing our books. I bring books too! I wish I had a photo to insert of me and my students lying on the floor with our feet up on our chairs. Because reading is so important I want my first graders to leave first grade with a love of reading!

I greet my students every morning at the door and we hug or high five at the end of the day. You never know if the hug from you might be the only hug they get!

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  1. 4th????? or first? I miss you! How's the new place? Is it still new?