Phonics Dance- a couple weeks in

Hey all! Ok....I'm working on some fun things to share with y'all, but I have to say these first couple of weeks have been kicking my behind! To make myself feel better I downloaded season 1 of Vampire Diaries. I LOVE that show! Team Damon all the way!

Onto the good stuff. It really does feel like we've been in school longer than just a couple of weeks--- maybe that's because my kids are ROCKING THE PHONICS DANCE! This morning one of my little girls said, "I LOVE the Phonics Dance!" On Friday we were writing about something we were good at and one of my students was trying to sound out the word jump. She was singing the letter songs at her desk! It was awesome. And she spelled jump correctly. (The former cheerleader in me did some serious toe touches....on the inside. Mostly because I'd probably break something if I tried it "for reals.")

I'll be honest, I haven't used any of the other lessons in the manual yet. Between testing and getting to know my students I just can't yet. For now I'm pretty happy with every student knowing the songs and moves and I'm happy knowing they are using the Phonics Dance in their reading and writing.

*Side note: I WISH I had taped my kiddos doing the Phonics Dance so that I could show parents at Open House!

I'll continue to keep y'all updated!


  1. Thanks for sharing your information about the Phonics Dance. It sounds so engaging for the little ones. We should all be "rocking" everyday!

    By the way- I love your shelfari. I'm a pretty new blogger and I'm going to look into getting this on my blog. I LOVE it when people share their favorite books. There are so many GREAT children's books out there that recommendations are always welcome. I also happen to love that Splat the Cat (-:

    Hope you have a chance to stop by my new blog (Granny Goes to School).


    Granny Goes to School

  2. I LOVE the Phonics Dance too! This is my 8th year teaching and I have used it every year! I am more and more amazed each year at the difference it makes in their reading and writing! Glad to see teachers out there enjoying the Phonics Dance too! :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Phonics Dance!!! It's one of my favorite parts of our day!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. We are right there with you with being swamped! Phew-getting everything up and running is exhausting! But it's so nice when things slowly start taking shape (like your lil one singing-she's gettin it!).

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade