First Year Bliss

C'mon now- y'all know how many good stories teachers have! I'm linking up with Michelle the FAB 3am Teacher and clip art genius to join her First Year Bliss linky party. We're supposed to share a story from our first year of teaching. I LOVE good teacher stories.

I want to tell a funny story, but my first year all I can think about a student named....let's say- Ronald. I worked in a Title 1 district teaching 3rd grade. I was told before the school year that Ronald was a major behavior problem and that he wasn't very bright since he was going to repeat third grade. I decided right then and there that Ronald would become one of my favorites. (Kids with that reputation never get to be favorites) I called him on everything and I set high expectations for him and it turns out he really was quite smart- but he hadn't wanted to move the year before. He stood up for me, he kept other kids in line, he somehow figured out my phone number and would call me. "What up? Whatcha doin'?" "Ronald, have you done your math homework?" "No ma'am." "Then hang up, do your homework, THEN you can call me." "Yes ma'am." He improved in all subject areas and made more progress than I could have hoped for.

One time Ronald missed the bus to school in the morning. He came a couple of hours late. He had ridden the city bus, by himself for more than an hour, wearing his older sisters glitter jeans because they were the only thing that was clean and he didn't want to miss being with me. I loved that boy. I love all my kids that year. In fact, every year I tell my kids I love them. I do. I may be the only one who tells them that day.

Anyhoo....I had to give you a back story because my story is really about Ronald's last day. It was just before Christmas. I had heard from the AP that his family might be moving. Now remember, it's Title 1, so I knew he didn't have much. I had already gotten him a backpack with new school supplies (and maybe I put some clothes in there including jeans WITHOUT glitter). But when I got the note that morning that it was Ronald's last day I couldn't take it anymore. Do you know NO ONE IN HIS FAMILY HAD TOLD HIM IT WAS HIS LAST DAY?! I pulled him out to the hall to tell him and we both burst into tears. All during recess this big ten year old boy sat on my lap and we both cried. "I don't want to leave you Miss L(maiden name), I love you." "I love you too." We cried all day and all the way to the bus. The bus had to leave late because he wouldn't let me go. {Now I'm crying}

I made Ronald promise me to finish school and never join a gang. I won't lie- I look for him all the time. He would be a sophomore in high school this year. Maybe someday he'll track me down! 

I know for many of us there is so much going on with our schools, admin's, budget cuts, etc that it's easy to forget that we make a difference. BUT WE DO!


  1. That is such an amazing story. Full-on tears. Thank you for sharing!
    First Class First Grade

  2. Crying :(

    What a great story! I'm sure one day when you least expect it, Ronald will find you!

  3. Ronald was lucky to have someone like you, but I also know you were lucky to have Ronald. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a sweet story!! Totally made me cry!

  5. I literally started crying before I got to the "real" story...I am sure you made a real difference in his life!