Addition Wheels

How fabulous was it to have a few days off for Thanksgiving?! I hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful as ours. When we arrived at our home in Seattle our neighbors had done this to our door
The letters spell out WELCOME HOME

We spent time skiing and it's been forever since I've seen and felt snow!

The night before we left Timberline Lodge we got 11 inches of snow! 
This is our car!

It took my husband a long time to dig us out of the snow. (Meanwhile I was at the gift shop!) 
And I can't resist sharing these other photos because they are just too pretty! We don't have views like this in Texas!

Mountain lake in the distance.

Anyhoo....this whole work thing really gets in the way of my vacationing! Ha! 

In December my students use addition wheels to practice their facts. Once we're really good at our facts we start having snowman math races! I posted about our races here

I just finished a unit that will help introduce the addition wheels to my students. I can't wait to start using them! Once I start it's sort of an addiction for me and my students.  I'm a very competitive person so we race other classes. It's fun! Even more fun when teachers play against a group of students!

It's already uploaded in my TPT store
I'll send a copy to the first give people to leave me a comment- BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL!


  1. me!!! please

  2. Look super cute!,

  3. Those look great!

  4. What a beautiful sight! Wish I lived where it snowed!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  5. looks great! :-)

  6. Those look great and your trip looked awesome!

  7. i love it! i want it!

  8. How about the first eight??? :)

  9. Love, Love, Love the Addition wheels! So creative!
    My little firsties must have these... Did you mean five or lucky number nine?
    No worries! This unit is worth the price in gold my dear!
    Happy Friday!

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