Things I forgot

Is it just me or has mid-November come too quickly?! Usually I've been chugging along through November squeezing my Thanksgiving books in and crafty activities and teaching my kiddos some Thanksgiving songs. Today I looked at my bin of Thanksgiving books and activities and realized I had forgotten! And since Gina at Beach Sand and Lesson Plans is having a Let's Talk Turkey linky party to share favorite Thanksgiving activities.

1) To incorporate my Thanksgiving Read the Room activity into our stations! It's only $1 at my TPT store!

2) To read my two favorite Thanksgiving books! A Plump and Perky Turkey and Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving! A Plump an Perky Turkey is about a town that tries to trick a turkey into becoming their dinner! Two years ago we send turkeys home with all the kids and had them put them in disguise. It was way cute!

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving is adorable too. A class goes on a field trip to Farmer McNugget's farm and when they realize what will happen to the turkeys they sneak them out of the farm! Years ago when I taught first grade we did a version of this as our first grade play. It's sweet and the kids love that it all rhymes.

3) I haven't done a single turkey craft yet! YIKES! I've been so behind this year and so worried about my evaluation that I didn't want to risk sneaking in something fun, even if I did add it into a lesson, because that's how nit-picky things are this year. {sigh} 

4) We haven't learned ANY Thanksgiving songs. I have a few in my Pumpkin Spice unit. They're goodies from back in the day! 

5) We haven't watched Charlie Brown Mayflower Voyagers. You can purchase the movie from Amazon but it's only in VHS and it's like $Ridiculous. OR you can purchase the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD for less than $10 and it includes the Mayflower Voyagers. I usually watch it after I read nonfiction books about the pilgrims and their voyage and the first Thanksgiving. 

So I changed fonts on some of my units that were posted last year, but TPT is not loading thumbnails. BOOOO. 

Hang in there folks! My last day before Thanksgiving break is Friday! Woop woop! And if I EVER find my cord to my camera again I have a few pics to upload!


  1. I love the Charlie Brown DVD & The Mayflower Voyagers is such a perfect story to teach the kids! It's one of the best out there!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. We just bought the Charlie Brown DVD collection at Toys R Us that has the Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving, and Christmas movies. Just $25! I hope you find your cord! Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  3. Thanks so much for linking up! Love the Plump and Perky Turkey! One my favorites! Sad that you feel like you can't do something fun! I think that stinks that schools make us feel that way sometimes! School is supposed to be FUN!!! Good luck on your eval!!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  4. I love both of those books! I usually show the one on YouTube but I think I will buy this DVD! Thanks so much.
    Kindergarten Korner

  5. I love the books and I Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a MUST!! If you need a fun, easy turkey craft check out my blog for a freebie!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  6. Thanks for sharing!! I am heading over to link up with Gina right now! LOVE your Thanksgiving Favorites!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  7. I'm having a GiveAway.
    Please stop by.


  8. I'm trying to cram in turkey craftivities like crazy! Two days to go!! Thanks for sharing such great ideas.
    Owl Things First!