Student Gifts

I finished my student gifts last night and set them out for my kids this morning!

Student gifts
It takes a little planning and you have to shop in the summer when school supplies are on sale so you don't break the bank. I buy pencil boxes at the dollar store and crayons when they are on sale at Target for ¢40. I decorate the front with paint pens and add a few other goodies like Christmas erasers, pencils, and stickers. I make sure to buy only two different color pencil boxes that could work for either a boy or a girl. One year I had 18 boys and 4 girls. CRAZY! 

The kids love having BRAND NEW CRAYONS! All kids love having their names on something too!

On Friday our elf surprised us by moving MID-DAY! She came back with a special envelope for us. (This is all from the Christmas Around the World with the Elf on the Shelf unit from the ladies from Dancing in Our Teaching Shoes)

The kids were beyond excited! "I've never had a secret mission before!" So. Stinkin. Cute. 
The kids are so excited to gather information for Santa about different countries and this unit is so different. 

4 more days folks! We can make it!


  1. love how you decorated those boxes. Super cute!

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  3. It requires a little forethought, and you must shop during the summer while school supplies are on
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    sale to avoid going broke. I acquire pencil boxes from the dollar shop and crayons from Target when they are on sale for $40.

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