Tell Me Something Good

After watching the news last night and seeing that some places in the North East had 40 inches of snow I knew this was the perfect weekend to do another Tell Me Something Good linky party. I cannot imagine trying to shovel out of three feet of snow and know that there is another storm coming! If you know someone in the NE or you up there with feet of snow please know there are so many of us thinking of you!

The rules are tell us something good that's happening at home and then tell us something good that's happening at school.

Something Good at Home: the cat is off of Prozac again! Yes, you read correctly, she needs Prozac. Our cat has anxiety issues and when she gets upset she licks and licks and licks her belly until it's bald. The last time we went to Seattle we come home to a bald-bellied cat. We put her back on Prozac for a month and now she's off of it again. Whew! She's a high maintenance little thing, but we love her anyway!

Something Good at School: For about a week my students haven't been the first graders I've had all year. They haven't been good listeners, they were arguing with their partners in stations, being snarky to each other in the mornings, had me repeating directions three and four times. So we had a little "Come to Jesus" talk on Wednesday. We re-read Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and then discussed how we fill buckets and how we dip into buckets. Then we closed our eyes and thought of three ways we would fill a bucket that day.  I'm happy to say MY KIDS ARE BACK! They have been so sweet to each other ever since our chat. We had another class need to join ours mid-reading stations due to a clean-up on aisle six situation and my kids rocked. They just continued with their stations as though nothing had happened, worked around the other class, and stayed focused. On Friday we were making Valentines while playing some of our new music and the kids were just humming and chatting with each other and helping each other out. I love it when I can tell my husband "We had an AWESOME day today! My kids rock!"

Now it's your turn to link up! I love reading these! If you don't have a blog feel free to leave your something good as a comment!

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