Valentine Picture Books

Last night I went in search of some Valentine books to add to my collection. I came across this cute book by Natasha Wing.
There is a great preview on Amazon if you click on the picture. Here's a little snippet:
"They gathered their scissors,
their glitter and glue,
pink and red paper,
and paintbrushes too."

My kids will just think it's too cute and love that it rhymes! 

I also purchased 

I have wanted this book for a couple of years and finally purchased it!  I'll be using the Mr. Hatch Valentine activity pack from Simply Skilled in Second. Doesn't it look so cute?! 

I've re-worked my math groups and everyone has a new partner. My kids love working together. I'm really blessed to have kids that get along with each other well most of the time. They were excited to have new partners, but even more excited to have new math stations! I busted out my Lovin' February stations and my kids are hooked! 

The task cards from this unit were a great addition to our literacy stations this week too. We'll use the rest of the literacy stations over the rest of the month. 


We are making Valentine cards tomorrow and I can't tell you how excited my kids are to use 
Me too! I love glitter and I stopped by Michaels on my way and bought MORE GLITTER! I'm certain I did NOT need more glitter, but there was a ton on clearance in all different colors! ¢99 folks! 


  1. Thanks for sharing those books! I love the Night Before series and haven't seen the V-Day one...where have I been!?

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. Are you just the sweetest thing ever!!!!!! Thank you so much for the shout out!!!! I am so touched and excited that you are going to do my Mr Hatch craft!!!! I would live to see a picture when your done :). Thanks again.... Really.... You made my day night and weekend!!!!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I always want books for special occasions!

  4. I have both those books and love them! I can't wait to do the activity that you posted with the second book. I am addicted to glitter. It's all over my room right now. We use it for everything. I may have to head out to Michael's this weekend.