Sensory Poetry

Whew! I'm back! My husband and I moved this past weekend (and we are still moving!)  and internet and cable service were just set up today. It's been five days without blogging and five days without television! No time on Teachers Pay Teachers, no blog stalking, no clip art purchases. I won't lie it's been TOUGH

5 Things I've Learned About Moving

1) My husband will never be in charge of "the move" ever again. His way is the hard way. I've done it twice. I've given it a fair shot. He is no longer in charge of the move. Period.
2) I swear things multiply! Clothes, spoons, towels....
3) Just when you think you're done you find a closet you haven't emptied or a cupboard full of glasses. Then you contemplate throwing them out just because rolling them up in paper and packing them away is so awful. 
4) Keep snacks at your new place because you'll be starving!
5) It's all worth it....after a glass of wine!


This week we started working on poetry. We started with sensory poems. They are simple and fun and a great way to work on descriptive writing. I found this poem on the internet on my phone. I have no idea what website I found it on but I thought it was a great example.

After I introduced the poem to my students we created one of our own for watermelons. It took lots of brainstorming! (Sorry, forgot to take a picture)

Today we made another poem called Chicken Noodle Soup. This poem turned out so well! They were really proud.

After we created our class poem I split my kids into five groups and they all wrote their own poems. They all had to write their poems about cereal. They were allowed to do cereal in general or pick a brand of cereal. Here are two examples.
Lucky Charms
I hear splashing
I smell chocolate milk
I see marshmallows
I feel a crunch in my mouth
I taste sugar
What could it be? 
It's Lucky Charms!

I hear crunching
I smell milk
I see something wet
I feel something hard
I taste honey
What could it be?
It's cereal!

Tomorrow they will each get to write their own poems and pick their own food to write about. A few ideas would be: banana, cookies, pizza, ice cream, and marshmallow Peeps!

I will post pictures of some of my poems on Instagram!
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