Instagram Baby!

Ok, raise your hand if you love Instagram as much as I do? I've been using Instagram all year as a way to show a little more of my personality to fellow bloggers and blog followers. The pictures posted there are mostly school pics, but I do throw in some family pics and other fun things- like today's picture! I don't get the chance to check blogs while I'm at school, but I can find a few minutes to look at Instagram! A big ol' thank you to the fine ladies at Apples and ABC's and What the Teachers Wants for hosting this linky par-tay.

I'll also be joining the weekly Instagram linky! 

If you don't have a blog, but you do have an Instagram account leave your Instagram name in the comments below and I'll come check you out!! 


  1. So excited to be joining all this fun! Brand new account tonight! Do me a favor my sweet dear... Can you tell me how you inserted your blog button in your Instagram profile pic? Mine is blank and when I try to edit, there doesn't seem to be an option to insert it... Please and thank you!

    1. Oh gosh Julie- I can't remember but I THINK I took a screenshot of my blog button. I can't remember. Are you trying to set up on your phone or on your computer. I'm pretty sure I set up on my phone. I know my profile has my blog address so maybe I was able to snag the image there? Let me know if neither of those things worked!

  2. Love the cocktail :) My instagram is brookeb80.

  3. I do! I do! I find myself checking it as much as email...oops! Excited for the linky today!

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