Chapter 4: Ask and Analyze

We're already on Chapter 4: Ask and Analyze!

This chapter was a good one for me. I especially liked the section on asking yourself the right type of questions when you are planning a lesson or activity to make yourself think outside the box. I plan my units and lessons and things I sell on TPT around my students and what needs I see need to be met. I search for new books with my class in mind. Every year my classes are different. And sometimes it's just hard to come up with something REALLY good. The quote that stood out to me was, 

"How long should I wait for a good idea? 
As long as it takes!"

He mentions writing down your ideas because your best ideas seem to come to you when you aren't trying to force yourself to come up with something. I put notes into my iPhone whenever I have a good idea because I can never remember it later!

Kate from Purely Paperless has a great post on this chapter! Head over to check her out!

Purely Paperless


  1. Thanks for your succinct and insightful summaries ... it is so much fun to read it through a teacher's lens!


  2. So waiting for the great idea to slap me in the face is a bad idea then? haha kidding, but really there are times where I'm all "CREATIVITY WHERE ARRREEEE YOOOUUU"... but it doesn't come running back.
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