Teach Like a Pirate, Chapter 1: Passion

I'm so excited that today is the first day of our Teach Like a Pirate book study! This book has been the kind that I just can't put down! 

Each letter in PIRATE stands for something and P, of course, is passion. Dave Burgess talks about professional passion, personal passion, and content passion. The whole chapter made me reflect on my passions and how I applied them during this past school year. In this book Dave Burgess says that we need to keep our passions in mind when we aren't teaching our favorite subject so that we still come across as passionate. That made so much sense to me! (I tried really hard to be excited about rocks and soil this year. Like Academy Award winning kind of hard.) 

Mary from Guided Math is hosting this chapter so head on over to her blog to see all of her thoughts. 

Guided Math


  1. Passion ... do you think we can give someone passion? Do you think it's contagious? Going to Mary's site now ... thanks!


  2. I loved this first chapter! Thank you so much for hosting this!! I am sorry I did mess up the link the first time so I had to redo my link. You can delete the first one :)

    First Grade Teacher Lady

    1. Autumn I fixed your link for you :) Thanks for joining in!
      Third Grade Tidbits

  3. I love that we are doing this together. <3 you bbff

  4. I now understand the title of the book! I just may have to put it on my reading list!

    First Grade Frame of Mind

  5. Okay so I'm very far behind in this book study but I'm trying to catch up! I am sticking with it regardless and have finally got my post on chapter 1 done. Thanks for doing this! I've linked up!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  6. I know I'm a year late, but I started this book this summer in order to psych myself up for my transition to first grade. I'll head over to Mary's post to share. :)