Teach Like a Pirate Chapter 2: Immersion

We're on chapter 2 where the "I" in Pirate stands for Immersion.

Dave Burgess uses an analogy of being a swimmer versus a lifeguard to further explain immersion. A lifeguard is watching the water, but a swimmer is in the water doing everything. I loved thinking of teaching that way. Your students learn so much more from you being involved and excited about a subject you are teaching.

The very last paragraph of this chapter speaks to all teachers in regards to the overemphasis of standardized state testing. Yuck. Too much testing in my opinion. I know in my district our third, fourth, and fifth graders are constantly taking benchmarks to prepare for "The Test." (Let's not get me on THAT soapbox right now) His point- just teach. Teach really well and get your students involved and don't focus on "The Test." If you're teaching what you are supposed to and teaching it well then your students will be successful....at least that's what I think!

Marie from The Hands-On Teacher in First is hosting this chapter. Head on over to see what Marie wrote. Line one is sure to grab your attention!


  1. I loved this chapter! It makes me think about my lessons and my life in general! This book study is the highlight of my week ;)

    First Grade Teacher Lady

    1. Autumn I love that you are enjoying this book study!! The book is really motivating!
      Third Grade Tidbits

  2. I'm so glad to see some early elementary teachers reading and blogging about this book. I read it earlier this year and really loved it. Most of the time I find middle/high school teachers talking about it. Sue