Teach Like a Pirate Chapter 12: All the World is a Stage

So at this point in the book you've got to believe Dave Burgess's class is amazing! In this chapter he talks about all the ways to transform your room to make your lesson more effective and he has simple ways to do it. For example, for some lessons he uses large rolls of plastic sheeting to cover the walls. He then adds decorations on top of the sheeting. So simple. He has lots of hooks for you in this chapter to help you think about how you can transform your classroom too. Can you change the lighting, remove desks, add music? 

Dave Burgess also lists Board Message Hooks such as writing something down that will intrigue your class as they come it. I've done that with my first graders! It's fun to hear them discuss what they think my message means. When I taught 4th grade I read aloud The Mysterious Benedict Society. In this story the children all have to learn Morse Code. I would put up a message in Morse Code for my students. They loved it! 

There are so many hooks in this chapter that you'll wind up highlighting. I can't get enough of this book!

Sweet Tamara from Mrs. Russell's Room is hosting this chapter and she has done an amazing job! Check her out!

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  1. I LOVE your play on words with "so many hooks" you clever Pirate, you. Thanks for hosting such a fun book study, Jennifer!