Teach Like a Pirate Chapters 18 &19: Finding a Crew & Finding a Treasure

This is the end of the book folks. I'm sad that it is over but I have so many great ideas running through my head and I feel so motivated for the new school year!

Chapter 18: Finding a Crew
"All pirates travel with a crew; you can't sail, navigate, and fight battles all on your own."
Ain't that the truth? Thank goodness for blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I got into blogging because it was like having one giant team where everyone wanted to share all of their best ideas. I instantly became a better teacher and started challenging myself. Pinterest has some of the best pictures and I love that I can store those ideas in one place and go hunting for them. I am also on Twitter and FB all the time and have found other great educators, blogs and ideas on those social media sites. One of my teammates is also a blog follower. We are constantly texting about ideas we've read about. So if you find that your team at school doesn't collaborate well look to these other places to find ideas!

Chapter 19: Finding a Treasure
Dave Burgess has included his email address in this book and he wants to hear about our experiences implementing the Teach Like a Pirate techniques! 

But wait....there's more!
Dave Burgess wants to give away FIVE prizes! If you've been linking up your posts below then you're already in the running! Gina and I will use a random number generator to choose five winners. Winners can choose either a Teach Like a Pirate t-shirt or a signed copy of Teach Like a Pirate. How awesome, right?! 

Andrea from For the Love of Teaching Math and Callie from Teach-a-roo both hosted this chapter! 

For the Love of Teaching Math


  1. Nothing better than Cyberspace Collaboration on the high seas ... this last part about finding a crew so beautifully parallels what we as a blogging community have been blessed by! What a fantastic book study you hosted, my friend. Thank you SO very much.


  2. Hi Jennifer! Wow!! What a study you two have run!!! I'm going to send out the links to my list later this week so many more can see all of these fantastic posts. Let's get this contest on! Can't wait to send out prizes.