Inferencing Mentor Text

A few years ago I purchased a whole set of books from Scholastic at the end of the summer. This little gem was inside.

I had never heard of it and I wasn't familiar with the author. But it turns out this book is GREAT for practicing inferencing! None of my students had ever seen or heard of this book. 

The first page starts out with Yvette asking her dad "Is it time yet?" He answers "Not yet, Yvette." 
I asked my students what she could be so excited for. Some answers: someone is having a baby, it's someones birthday, it's time to go someplace fun like the zoo. Each page lends itself easily to questions and students can use what they know from the first few sentences to make strong inferences. I didn't show pictures until I had asked questions from each page. 

When Yvette and her father grabbed sugar and flour and other ingredients my kids thought they were baking a cake. That led another student to guess that maybe they were making a cake for a wedding. It's a cute story and at the end I was able to ask my students to tell me what clues helped them figure out who was having a birthday and they were all eager to share their answers. 


  1. Aw that look like a cute book! I'll have to put in on my wish list for Amazon! Rambling About Reading

  2. I've never seen this book! Thanks for the tip!
    Love your blog design!
    Karli :)
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