Is it really almost November?

Holy smokes people, it's almost NOVEMBER. Whaaaat?! Where did the time go? This month has been a super busy month in the classroom and I've made lots of changes in how I run things. {More on that tomorrow!}

I've never really been good at incorporating poetry on a regular basis in my classroom, but I'm working on it. This week in our Journey's basal we will be learning about poetry so I put together a couple of poetry freebies to share. I added a couple of easy questions for a reading comprehension component. I really want my students to practice finding information.

Click on the picture to download your copy!

How often do you incorporate poetry into your classroom?


  1. I love these! I try to have a poem a week to help with fluency, then do a whole unit in the spring. The kiddo always love poetry. I should do more...

  2. These poems are adorable! I love that you incorporated comprehension too. Such a great resource! Thank you for the freebie:)

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely freebie!

  4. hehe!! So cute! I love that pumpkin poem! Thank you!

  5. Awesome poems and love the comprehension part. I do a poem a week, will add these to our poetry binder!

  6. My poetry lessons have been slipping lately! Yikes! Thanks for sharing this- I need to get back on track. :)
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  7. Hey you! Miss your guts! These are super cute!! AND I just LOVE your new blog design!!


  8. I LOVE these! I am so glad you incorporate comprehension and makes Poetry Center more fun for them! Thanks so much!

  9. Love these poems, please keep sharing. I do a poem book mainly focusing on chunks, we do a sloppy copy to make chunk words and study poem by underlining chunk words and circle high frequency words. I have added the last few poems you have shared also to our poem books. I love these additions.