Everything Antonyms!

This week we began learning about ANTONYMS in my class. I don't know why I'm on a poetry kick lately but while watching the CMA's I created this poem. (Click on the pic to download) 

I used this poem to create an anchor chart. Then I asked  my students for other examples of antonyms. I listed them around the edge of the poem in different colored markers. "Mrs. Tice, bust out the orange!" HA! 
(We have collectively agreed that the light blue Mr. Sketch marker stinks. Pretty color, but pretty stinky.)

My class did this cute Antsy Antonym activity from Oceans of First Grade Fun on Friday. I was out on Friday so I'm excited to see how their books turned out.

This week I'll add my Antonym Task Cards to their reading stations. You can find my task cards in my TPT store. It's one of my featured items and it's only $2!

Pink Cat Studio has a cute file folder game for antonyms that I've purchased and need to laminate. It will be great as an RTI tool for my struggling students.