First Day Back

Is it just me or did our winter break JUST begin? Now it's over! 
I really blogged only a couple of times and had a whole to-do list that I never got to. We travelled to South Carolina for a wedding and of course made it up to Seattle for a few days!

Gorgeous sunset

REALLY gorgeous sunset

Date night!

It's safe to say I'm not quite ready to go back to school. So much travel makes for a messy house and a tired ME! 

Last year when we returned from break I had my kiddos do a "Did You See Snow" graph. I really like to have my students do an activity that allows them to talk with their friends and move around the room when we return from a break.  You can download yours here.

I REALLY AM trying to finish my January and February poetry pack, but I'm about beat y'all! 

Those of you stuck in the polar vortex stay safe and warm and love on your pets!
If tomorrow is your first day back with kids have a great day back!

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