Using ScreenChomp for Coin Assessment

We're almost at the end of our money unit and we've spent the past week and a half practicing counting groups of coins. Some of my students can only count groups of the same coins. But I do have two groups that can count any coin combo like champs!

If you aren't familiar with ScreenChomp the home screen looks like this

 photo 8fab70b6-71ac-43ef-ac9b-c0d754270cf9_zps439a5088.png

It's a free app that allows you to use photos or documents you have saved then write on top of them while recording your voice. The uses are endless! 

Yesterday I showed the kids the ScreenChomp app and how we would use it to count groups of coins in small group. I did a whole class example up on the projector and walked the kids through each step. Then we got started. We used two iPads in our small groups and I walked the first students in each group through taking a photo of their coins then getting ready to record. They all are so tech savvy that they started showing each other how to do it! 

 photo 52e56dfd-adcc-42ca-aee7-2e4c32059357_zps0e8e821e.png 

 photo b7d69d5d-2a99-4293-9d2b-37de30049772_zps2c8d5c84.png

 photo 4e159af3-c919-43c8-a9c6-98043e125fa2_zps3709434d.png 

 photo 1898b55b-a8d2-4ecd-9ce9-1174bb3caaec_zpscd5f6226.png

Students of all levels were successful. The students who struggle with counting different values just counted nickels or dimes. My kids BEGGED me to make ScreenChomp a station. Next week we'll use ScreenChomp to label the parts of a plant! 


  1. I love Screen Chomp! I use it a lot when I've got the kiddos on the floor and I need a whiteboard of some sort. So you had them take a picture of group of coins and then record how they counted? That's an awesome idea! I could so see using those recordings for my lower groups to practice counting groups of coins and then checking themselves. Thanks so much for sharing!!
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