Confessions of a First Grade Teacher

We've worked ourselves to the point of exhaustion all year long to make sure our students become successful. We've created new centers, searched Amazon for a new books, spent hours on Pinterest and now we're on countdown. The end is in sight! 

But....I feel I need to be completely honest so it's time for some teacher confessions!

1. I took an entire stack of papers that I didn't want to grade and stuck those bad boys into the recycle bin. 

2. I don't understand why we crammed so much curriculum into the first semester. Now we're through everything and have five weeks left. So....why write in my planner? (I didn't this week!)

3. I am still baffled when eleventy million days into school a student asks during math stations, "Are we at reading or math stations?" Could that question be an indication of how they will score on state tests later in life? Just a thought. 

4. If I hear the DRA story Allie's Wish one more time I might scream. 

5. My nephew sent me a Flat Stanley project in December. I didn't have to take pics with him. I just had to write our city on the back and send him on. Well, it came right before Christmas. I put it in a "do that later" pile....well....I just found it last week! CRAP. Like 5 months later?! Lesson for everyone: don't send out Flat Stanley projects at CHRISTMAS!

6. I stuck said Flat Stanley in the mailbox this morning. It was still there this afternoon because I forgot to put a stamp on it. 
Been very blonde lately. (I can say that because I actually am blonde...or am I?)

7. If it weren't for Brainpop Jr. we'd be doing nothing during Social Studies.

8. I didn't check my email at school today because I don't want to read another email from a certain person.

9. I'm 99.9% certain parents never read my newsletter so I'm going to keep the same one and change the date until the end of school. I may even put song lyrics instead of what we're learning.

10. Two years ago the whole staff had to do a "All About Me" poster on an 8 x 11 piece of paper. I made mine super cute but full of lies. All song lyrics. Did you know "I'm a good girl, crazy about Elvis, and love horses?" BAHAHAHA. Waste of time project. No one even read those. 

Now it's your turn to confess! I can't be the only naughty teacher out there!

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