Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer

My list is pretty simple really. You might laugh at my number one.

1. Go to the grocery store when it is virtually empty except for the senior citizens doing their weekly shopping! Normally I go on Mondays after school because Sundays are crazy busy at our grocery store. Mondays are equally busy, but since Mondays are long anyway I may as well make them REALLY long.

2. Reorganize parts of my house: my desk, my cabinets full of crafty items, and my pantry. 

3. Home improvements: it won't be me doing the work, but I'll be here to supervise. We're painting the inside of the house, painting the pantry shelves, replacing bathroom countertops, maybe replacing carpet, and getting a new front door. It's a lot but it will make a huge difference and the house will look brand new!

4. Buy a new pair glasses. 
I hate my glasses. My choice of frames was a mistake. Yuck.

5. Read!! I have a cart full of books on Amazon that I can't wait to read.

6. Bake like fool.
I love the blog Two Peas and Their Pod. I pin recipes from that blog ALL.THE.TIME. But I never have time to actually make any of them. It's on the to-do list. Especially when it's over 100 degrees here and you're stuck inside.

7. Visit Seattle. 
Seattle is our happy place. We're going back for the 4th and then at the end of the summer for two weeks. I can't wait!

8. Take naps!
Naps are important. I catch up on all the sleep I missed out on during the school year while I was up late laminating or worrying about a student.

9. Work out.
Notice this one is waaaaay down on my list. I don't actually like working out until I'm into a routine. I try to stick with it when school starts. Some months are better than others. It was tough for me to fit in a work out this year. It will be easy to do early in the morning.

10. Catch up on blog reading! I feel like this year I had several months where I had things going on personally and professionally and just couldn't find any time to read blogs. I'm way behind and I'm looking forward to sitting for hours on my back porch reading, adding items to my TPT wish list, and pinning great ideas. I love blogs. I've missed reading them! 


  1. Your list looks great and similar to mine! Lots of catching up to do on things for just me!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. Love your list! I have lots of the same things on mine....including grocery shopping during the week! I was just talking with my co-workers about how I think that is one of the BEST things about summer! Ha!

    ABCs and Polkadots

  3. I got behind in my blog reading this past school year. Hopefully I can keep caught up this summer. But I am always adding new blogs to my reading list, so, the list never ends!! Good luck!