I just saw the video for the OSMO. You've seen it in FB ads all summer. I never clicked on the link until today when another blogger blogged about it. I watched the video and immediately pre-ordered. The pre-order price was too good to pass up! I can also see how this could be a perfect for a grant for your classroom.

The OSMO works with the latest iPads including iPad mini and iPad2. You attach the reflector camera to the top. It also comes with three games to start with: Tangrams, Newton, and Words. All challenge your students in different ways. Tangrams you already know. Students are given positive "dings" when they place a shape correctly. In Newton you guide falling balls into targeted zones by drawing shapes or adding objects- very cool. Words- spell out words to describe what is on the screen. Great as a small group or partner game! You can see all three games on the video above.

If you click the link below you can pre-order YOUR OSMO for 50% off! Just $45!

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  1. This is just what my first graders need to expand their "out of the box" knowledge. I know they will love it.