School starts Monday & I have no furniture!

You read the title right friends. I have no furniture. 


Our district is going to be building a new elementary school and I'm one of two teachers that's piloting new furniture. I'm SUPER excited about the new furniture. It's modern and on wheels and will allow for lots of collaborative group work. This furniture was supposed to have been delivered and set up last Friday. Well, Friday came and went.....Monday too...I did finally get a teacher desk and what will replace my horseshoe table. But y'all, that's it. Desks were delivered today! However, after the custodians put one together they realized the district ordered chairs that were too small. Isn't that awesome? 


I still have my bookcases. I haven't removed my carpet or horseshoe table yet since I needed some place for paperwork for parents at Meet the Teacher Night.  And if I have not desks Monday we'll have to be sitting on the carpet a lot! I don't have anything on my walls because  I have no idea what other furniture I'll be getting besides desks. Murphy's Law: If I put things onto the wall the way I think will work out then once the furniture is there I will have to take it all down and put it up in a different spot.


If you've followed my blog for a while, or follow me on Instagram you may know I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I love putting my room together and I feel like what your room looks like is part of your first impression to parents and kids. 

School starts Monday. I'm 7 months pregnant and I'm tired. My feet hurt. I could easily have big BOO-HOO episode about the whole dang thing. But what would be the point? Crying won't solve anything. This situation is completely out of my hands!

 photo 80d872ad-d27e-47a5-be2c-d2cdb4d03aae_zps78d0e7fe.jpg

Tonight at Meet the Teacher as I was explaining/apologizing to a parent that my room just wasn't ready he said, "Who cares? No one is here to see furniture or posters on your wall. The kids want to see you!"
That will be true on Monday too. The kids will follow my reaction. It's the perfect opportunity to show I'm flexible and that even when things don't go as planned you can still make the most of a tough situation. We want to teach our kids that skill anyway!

This year as unexpected and unplanned things happen remember you are in charge of your reaction and attitude! Teachers are tough and resilient. We have an incredibly tough job and WE DO AMAZING THINGS!

Have a great school year! 


  1. I love your attitude Jennifer! My son said something to me this morning that I remembered as I read your post- that happiness is 10% what life throws at you and the rest is based on your attitude. I guess you're one happy lady :) I hope it all comes together for you though.

    Down Under Teacher

  2. Your positive attitude will lead the way for a FANTASTIC year! Good luck my friend! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  3. Have a great first week, the kids love the floor and will be so happy to have such a pretty teacher!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  4. YAY! I love that they told you they were there for you! I wish we could all just have meet the teacher night with bare walls and floors so the pressure would be less about decorating ;) Keep hangin in there!!!

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